CiTC USA - Bad Credit

CiTC USA, located at 541 E Cimarron St., Colorado Springs, CO 80903 presented a purchase order on March 6, 2019, to which our company granted Net 30 terms. The product was packaged and shipped on March 13, 2019. But as of this date; October 21, 2019, payment has not been received. After multiple phone calls and emails have been sent, we have been unable to contact the owner and CEO, Edward Sobczewski. Nor have we been able to contact Cindy LaVerne, Penny Rutherford, and Katie Sobczewski.

We strongly advise vendors to avoid extending credit to both CiTC USA, and the owner/proprietor Edward Sobczewski. The dishonest business practices in which they have chosen to engage make any deals with them potentially problematic.